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Ivy’s Tea Co. is a Black woman-owned pop culture and Hip-Hop inspired holistic health brand. We provide handcrafted, locally sourced herbal tea that is made small batch by an herbalist and herb-infused honey for millennials. We want to change the way you see tea drinkers and we want to encourage everyone to drink tea like an adult.

We sell herbal teas, called tisanes, along with your traditional black, green, red or white teas we blend. Occasionally we will have a breakfast or Earl Gray tea, similar to what you would find in stores.

Ivy's Tea Co. teas consist of whole or broken tea leaves and you can taste the difference. When a tea leaf is left whole, it is allowed to unfold and change color in water when brewed. Store bought tea bags usually consist of the grit or dust because the tea leaves are ground up to get them to fit into the tea bag.

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